Rethink the value of walking in the context of a micronation


An immersive audio performance

Location: Urban Forest building, Floating University Berlin

the layout of  performance in Urban Forest building

the interference of two sound wave 

This project started from the research on mobility system of Den Haag, looking at the extensive use of automated vehicles due to its efficiency, speediness, and convenience, However, the possibilities between location A to B has been ignored. Walking, as the freest and most incorruptible mode of transport, even so, has also become just another way to shift. Yet, without relying on machines maintenance or technology, walking has a lot of potential values that can be discovered.

In the context of a Floating Micro Nation that developed by Floating University Berlin, the idea of territory is in a state of flux. I use the audible range of sound as a metaphor for each individual’s territory. Using the form of composing techno music, I made a sound sample library by recording and editing the sound in the work process of people there. I composed them into a techno music track but exported them into 7 single audio tracks which then be carried by 7 performers with portable Bluetooth speaker devices I made. The performance was present in a small building which was fulfilled with fog in a purpose of making their movement only navigated by hearing.

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