What if dining is a musical swing experience?


A project developed with Interior design department of GAFA (2015), cooperated with Xie Xintong, Lin Nong.

Site: Haixinsha island, Guangzhou, China 

There is an episode in <The Legend of 1900>, which showed that the ship that Conn caught went up and down in a heavy rain. 1900 invited him to sit in front of the piano and played with the swing of the storm. Music and swing perfectly relieved the pain.
We want to achieve the combination of restaurant design and the infinite sense from the swing and music in the movie. Why must the seats be fixed?
Must be on the ground? We want to challenge the common cognition of restaurant and create an infinite music restaurant to integrate the dining experience of customers and music thoroughly.


Conceptual drawing


Material | pen, paper  Size | 297mm x 210mm



Achitecture axonometric drawing







Camera view | The ground floor, evening



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