What if the learning space can be personalized for everyone?


A project developed with KABK Inside Master program, mentored by MVRDV

Exhibition: NEO, Amsterdam, Netherlands 



The personalized school concept is based on the context of the future but also proposed to apply to a local primary school building. (the HSV international school in De Hague). It aims to create a learning environment where each child can have their own learning spaces,to respect individual difference at the most extent in a physical aspect. Meanwhile, it gives chances to unleash children’s creativity and potential in the early age when their characters ae not shaped completely.

The individual difference is always a thing we need to face in education, thus school design or classroom is calling for a revolution. There are already some great educators has invented innovative pedagogy which put emphasis on respecting each child’s personality and unleashes their talent, and there are also some schools been designed for this education revolution. But in a future with knowledge exploding, in a base that technology is challenging almost everything we see as a given, we need to think boldly, we can take the advantage of the technology and use it to design a more efficient, more inclusive and more inspiring learning environment for every individual.

Conceptual Model


Material | self-made colored resin   Size | xxcm x xxcm x xx cm



<A school day>

Material | colour pencil, paper      Size | 297mm x 420mm 



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