What if spontaneous reuse of material can be educated?


A project developed with City and Architecture Studio of GAFA. 

Mentor: Li Peng, Xie Xuan

Site: En Ning Road, Guangzhou, China



This project started with the theoretical study of interactive art installations, by analyzing the media, the form and the concept of different installation. Later, according to the specific observation of the site, I developed my own media and form to design an installation for the purpose of changing residents' behavior.


On the wasteland of Enning historic district after the demolition, I saw a series of spontaneous behavior for the waste recycling through investigation, which suggests that when people are using a material, it's not because of the inherent attribute but because the figure of that thing is associated with a typical function. So I tried to create a space installation, using artistic ways and specific space to change the residents' cognition of waste, so as to make viewers realize the importance of reusing and then reuse the materials spontaneous after experiencing the space with the hope to relive this neighborhood.


Material | watercolor with digital illustration



The comparison of “association, curiosity”  outside and “surprise’ inside


One side of the wall is the shock when coming and the other side is the harvest when leaving.





What if dining is a musical swing experience?

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